Quadrilion S.A. will organize, together with Puls Biznesu magazine, a cycle of training sessions on Art Banking

Aims of training sessions

  • Creating a common ground for a dialogue between art and business
  • Developing an innovative approach to investing and managing the company’s image
  • Providing participants with unique knowledge of investing in art

Some subjects of the cycle of training sessions:

Introduction to art banking

  • What is art banking in the world
  • The history of art banking
  • Art banking in Poland and abroad

Art as an alternative investment

  • Structure of the art market in Poland and abroad
  • Diversification of the investment portfolio

Building the positive image of the company based on an art collection

  • Examples of company collections abroad and in Poland
  • Advantages of having a company collection of works
  • Art as an object of tax optimization

Alphabet of an art collector

  • Collecting trends in Poland and in the world
  • How to begin a collection of works of art

Where are we?

Galeria Quadrilion

59 Mokotowska Street

00-542 Warsaw, Poland

phone: +48 22 522 78 78