The black angel, 1999, oil on tarpaulin, 130 cm x 300 cmLong live the cow, 1988, oil on tarpaulin, 250 cm x 300 cmFreedom, 1985, oil on tarpaulin, 280 cm x 450 cmLong live the war, oil on tarpaulin, 1993, 250 cm x 100 cmThanatos, 1995 rok, oil on tarpaulin, 100 cm x 250 cmThe criminal, 2004, oil on tarpaulin, 250 cm x 100 cmBoys, 1992, oil on tarpaulin, 250 cm x 100 cmInspiration, 1999, oil on tarpaulin, 130 cm x 280 cmNude in a green bed, oil on tarpaulin, 2006, 29 cm x 60 cmI’m fed up, 1992, oil on tarpaulin, 250 cm x 100 cmModel with a cigarette, 1987, oil on tarpaulin, 70 cm z 100 cmWitches, 2008, oil on canvasThree angels, 2009, oil on tarpaulin, 230 cm x 300 cmLeszek Żegalski - Falling doll, 2007, oil on tarpaulin, 130 cm -160 cm x 160 cm

Leszek Żegalski

AKA Maestro Michał Anioł Buonarotti Żegalski, born in 1959 in Cieszyn Silesia. He was a student of Jerzy Duda-Gracz at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. He also studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, from which he graduated in 1984.

He was a cofounder of Grupa Trzech (Group of Three), called Tercet Nadety, with which he announced provocative artistic manifestoes and undertook pioneer activities in the area of advertising. In 1988, Żegalski received Grand Prix of the All-Polish Exhibition of Young Fine Arts Arsenal ’88. In the same year, the artist leaves for Germany, where he devotes himself to some intensive creative and exhibition work, while also becoming a member of many significant unions and associations. The artist has taken part in many of the most important artistic events, including the Art Trade Fairs BIAF in Barcelona, Art Trade Fairs in Basel, and Figuration Critique in Grand Palais in Paris. Leszek Żegalski has taken part in above 200 individual and group exhibitions in Europe, the United States of America, Canada and Japan.

Leszek Żegalski goes in for easel, plafond and mural painting. He is an author of bold concepts in contemporary plafond painting, which can be seen in some old palaces and mansions in Germany, Italy, France and Switzerland. Żegalski’s paintings can be found in the collections of well-known German and Swiss collectors.

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