"When bankers get together, they talk about art; when artists get together, they talk about money" - Oscar Wilde

Buying art to enjoy communing with it and for investment purposes requires different skills and knowledge than traditional investments in shares or bonds.

Quadrilion Gallery offers collectors and investors a possibility to invest in works of art of exceptional quality. Our team consists of highly qualified experts and professionals with many years of experience in the art market and asset management.

The main area of the activity of Quadrilion Gallery is the turnover of works of art.

We deal with:

  • selling works of art
  • renting works of art
  • leasing works of art
  • professional consultancy
  • company collections
  • managing individual collections

The business model of Quadrilion Gallery assumes close co-operation with a group of already recognized as well as young artists by signing long-term contracts with them. Within such a contract, Quadrilion Gallery assures the artist that it will purchase their best works which will have been selected by our experts. Some of those works will be sold on a regular basis, mainly abroad, but also in Poland, and some of them will be kept in our Vault as an investment product and sold after a few or several years after a considerable growth in the value of the works.

We also offer comprehensive consulting services within Art Consulting. Our experts give advice on buying given works of art, subjecting their esthetical values and, in particular, their investment potential, to professional and directed evaluation.

We are an adviser and investment partner for public institutions, companies, investment funds, banks and individual collectors.

The dialogue between art and business is our mission. We provide investors with innovative and reliable forms of investing in art created by the best artists, both ones that are already well-known and ones who are young and will be valued within several years, whereas the value of their works will continue to grow.

Money invested in art through us is bound to bring a profit.

Where are we?

Galeria Quadrilion

59 Mokotowska Street

00-542 Warsaw, Poland

phone: +48 22 522 78 78