Carmen Tarcha – the owner of the gallery

An expert and connoisseur of art. She studied management, finances and banking as well as journalism in Poland and the USA. Together with her competence, she gained her passion and love to art at her family home, which had vaunted splendid collecting traditions and had always been a peculiar art gallery. When the time came to open her own gallery, she became a well-known art animator with a shaped look at culture, its variety, diversity and multiculturalism. Her activity and patronage has promoted many young, gifted graphic artists and painters, and it has also strengthened the position of some of the recognized artists. The widely understood art market is a motif of her numerous trips around Europe and America. Particularly valuable are her experiences from peregrinations around the countries of the Middle East, whose culture gives contemporary arts a new dimension, full of tradition, charm and wisdom. All of that gave rise to becoming acquainted with the most outstanding artists. Owing to her experience, Carmen Tarcha is an esteemed adviser, and it is worth entrusting her with all your plans connected with art. Her ambition is to make the Polish art, which has a huge potential and fascinating originality, even more noticeable in the worldwide art market.

Where are we?

Galeria Quadrilion

59 Mokotowska Street

00-542 Warsaw, Poland

phone: +48 22 522 78 78